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Slavol – universal natural fertilizer

About Us

AGROUNIK Ltd. is engaged in biotechnological research , specifically in the field of applying bio products in agricultural production.

As a result of years of scientific research, the industrial production of bio products “SLAVOL“ began in 2005 using the recipe developed by Prof. Dr Snezana Djordjevic.

The slogan “from laboratory to field” AGROUNIK Ltd. connects scientific research, manufacturing and sales, which makes it unique on the market of Serbia.

The scientific research of AGROUNIK Ltd. is achieved with the project of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, the Ministry of Agriculture and Star project- World Bank, in cooperation with the University of Agriculture in Zemun, the University of Agriculture in Novi Sad, the University of Agronomy in Cacak, the Institute of Vegetable Crops in Smederevska Palanka, the Institute for Fruit in Cacak, University of Agriculture in Skopje, FYROM and Podgorica, Montenegro, the Agricultural Institute in Osijek, Croatia, as well as numerous agricultural technical services in Serbia.

As the result of this cooperation, two Ph.D thesis on the University of Agriculture in Belgrade and Novi Sad have been completed, regarding the applications and use of Slavol in wine and maze. The obtained test results are published in Scientific journals here and abroad.

Also, in 2012 three more products based on microroganizms were registered: SLAVOL S, SLAVOL VVL and UNIKER.

In order for the research results to be available to farmers as well, catalogues with test results are printed each year, technical lectures are organized, training on the advantages of applying of Bio products in Organic and Conventional farmin.

Agrounik Ltd. has opened a new factory of 2.100 m2 in the Industrial zone Simanovci, near Belgrade. Within the factory there is a production plant, a laboratory for microbiology and soil testing.

Apart from regular activities related to the scientific work AGROUNIK Ltd. invested in human resources.
The company employs 11 agricultural engineers who as regional managers sell Slavol, perform presentations, experiments and participate on fairs, seminars and professional meetings.

Representative of Agrounik Ltd. in Croatia is a company AGRO – NIKA Ltd., which employs 5 regional managers who distribute Agrounik products.

Apart from Croatia, Agrounik Ltd. exports to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, FYROM and Albania.
Certificate issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark to import SLAVOL opens the possibility of extending export to EU countries.

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