The results of numerous scientific studies have shown that chemical fertilizers origin for the content of toxic substances may be associated with adverse effects exhibited on human health, reproduction, problems with blood and liver as well as the emergence of hyperactivity children. Also, we must not neglect the negative impact that excessive use of these fertilizers on the environment. That is why scientists have their attention toward natural alternatives, biofertilizers. The basis of biofertilizers make bacteria directly or indirectly influenced positively affect plant growth and increase crop and very easily applied to the surface of plants, seeds or soil. It is a bacterial species that have a positive effect on plant growth through the ability to: fix atmospheric nitrogen, converting a compound of phosphorus in the form of easily accessible to the plant, decompose organic matter, secrete substances and fungistatičkog antibiotic action and have the ability to produce hormones and other substances that are necessary for growth and development of plants (ie. PGP Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria). Hormones produced by bacteria (auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins) are completely natural analogues of plant hormones. biofertilizers are organic and improve primary agricultural production popravljajanjem physical properties of the soil on which they are used, the fertility and productivity. The fact that their use reduces the amount of chemicals in agricultural production makes biofertilizaciju eco Frendo process.